Love. One of our most basic needs. For most of human existence, love and physical loving would create life — and early humankind often would not realize the connection. Today we are blessed with modern science & medicine. This allows us to be selective and choose to bring our children into the world when we are ready to give them the loving and nurturing they deserve.
But there are forces in this world that want to keep those choices away from women and families. We wish to provide a voice, to speak out for the rights of women, men, and families, to have affordable access to birth control, family planning, and sexual health services. Our current strategy is to provide grass roots education and understanding of the importance of keeping clinics such as Planned Parenthood™ funded and functional.

Our mission, and what we hope to see in
future legislation and national policy is:

  • Affordable or free access to effective birth control on demand for men and women, including current and future technologies.
    • Pill, Shot, Plan-B available at any pharmacy without the need for a Doctor’s prescription.
    • IUD, implant, and other technologies available at clinics.
  • Promoting consensual choices — helping sexually active people of all genders, ages, and orientations make healthy choices regarding contraceptives and sexual health, and lobbying for more effective sexual education and consent laws to encourage a national dialogue of positive consent.
  • Affordable or free access for cessation of unintended pregnancies on demand within the first 24 weeks, and on a doctor’s advice to protect the life and health of the woman at anytime, without dangerous waiting periods, or other needless prohibitions.
  • Free testing for sexual health, including STD treatment and education.
  • Free sexual health & safety education and counseling for all sexually active people regardless of gender.
We know that interrupting an unwanted pregnancy can be a difficult decision, one of our main goals is that through easy access to contraceptives and sexual education, cessations will naturally become a must less common occurrence.
We believe the best way to prevent abortion is to provide easy access to contraceptives. Of course there are circumstances such as where a contraceptive failed, so we also believe that all women be free to make a choice regarding pregnancy cessation within the first 24 weeks.
We consider it a social and political imperative that our nation and our society adopts the policy and mindset of No Unwanted Children.